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Katha Dice

Katha Dice

Product Code: PMTO0004

Price: INR 350.00

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Product Description

A boy, a violin, a computer, a walking stick, a boat, a pencil, fire, a kangaroo and an idea - how are all these related? They are all part of the story that you can create with Katha Dice. "Once a upon a time there lived a kangaroo who badly wanted to play the violin. He searched the Australian outback for one and couldn't find it. He decided to look for it in a city. But the city could be reached only on a boat...." Let your imagination wild in this fun family game!!! Katha Dice is a set of 9 picture dice. It is an open-ended toy and can be mainly used for developing storytelling and creative language expression among children. One suggested way to use this toy is as follows. Players take turns to roll the dice and create stories that involve the objects in the pictures that are facing up. Various other ways to play this game are suggested in the manual included with the Katha Dice toy.

Product Category

Indoor Games


Open Ended

Skill Development

Concept Formation
Emotional Development
Linguistic Skills
Social Skills

Suggested age

5 years and up

Primary Material



Parent Musings

Product Weight

Weight: 275 g


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