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About Our Curated Children's Books and Toys

Do you feel overwhelmed or confused when you enter a toy or book store? While it can be a daunting experience at the store, let us help you with a selection of curated children's books and toys that will engage your child in learning.

It is scientific knowledge that the first ten years of childhood is critical for success in the later years including adult life. Investment in the best children's books and toys available is important during these early years.
Parent Musings/Kutoohala now curates and sells toys and books for children that meet the social, emotional, physical and cognitive developmental needs of children. We have developed a rigorous criteria to identify the best books and toys available among publishers and manufacturers, that nurtures creativity, social and emotional development, problem-solving and a host of other skills.
When we find that the best is not produced elsewhere, we design our own. “Best” doesn’t have to be expensive. In our vocabulary, best means, that, which helps bring out the true potential of a child.

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