Gayathri Tirthapura

- Founder and Director

Gayathri is very passionate about the education system in India. Her core interests lie in finding appropriate environments and methods to engage children in joyful learning, based on research in psychology, neuroscience and education.

She started her career in the Telecommunication software industry where she spent 10 years building and managing products and teams both in India and US. The birth of her daughter in 2003 inspired her to make a career shift to the field of education. She has worked with many educational organizations both in India and US, teaching children and helping organizations with their organizational/program development needs. She holds a Master of Science degree from Stanford University, USA and a Master of Education degree from Harvard University, USA.

Apart from working on Parent Musings, she is also a Co-Founder and Trustee at Tejasvita Trust, Bangalore which seeks to identify children with talent in underprivileged communities and fund their development and education .

Bharathi Narayan

- Store and Events Coordinator


- Administrative Assistant

Rukmini is the silent but hardworking worker behind the scenes at Parent Musings. She takes care of data entry and assists with organizing the Kutoohala store and event space.