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Kutoohala Store at your premises

We’ll bring a selection of books from our store to your school or organization for exhibition and sales. Every book at Kutoohala store is handpicked based on a stringent criteria on how children learn. Our books selection for zero to ten year olds contains the best of board books, read-aloud picture books, early readers, fluent readers, fiction and non-fiction. We carry books published by both Indian and Western publishers. Quality doesn’t mean expensive as we sell both new and gently-used books.

Parenting Workshops

We offer workshops for parents on the following topics. The workshops are interactive with many discussions, role-plays and activities. They help parents to construct knowledge based on their prior experiences with their children. The workshop duration ranges from one hour to full day and can be customized based on your school or organizational needs.

Introductory parenting session (2.5 hour session) – maximum 50 participants

In this session, as parents, we’ll first explore what we want for our children so that they can lead happy and productive lives as adults.
Through role-plays, activities and discussions, we’ll then explore different parenting styles that we as parents embody and how conflicts could arise between our parenting styles and the qualities and skills that we would like to nurture in our children. We’ll then explore the ideal parenting style that is necessary for our children and briefly discuss about how we can get there.

Advanced parenting Sessions (2 - 3 hour sessions) – maximum 50 participants

In these advanced parenting sessions, we’ll explore various ideal parenting strategies and actions that we can take as parents during conflict situations we face with our children. Each of these strategies and actions will be explored through role-plays, activities or discussions. The 2.5 hour long “Introductory parenting session” is a pre-requisite for these advanced parenting sessions.

Developing the Love for Reading in children (1 - 2 hour sessions) - maximum 50 participants

How do we work with children to develop the love for reading which will catalyze them into becoming voracious readers? How do we choose books for children that develops the love for reading and transitions them to being independent readers? These are some of the questions that we’ll explore in this session.

Nurturing Creativity in Children (2 – 3 hour sessions) – maximum 30 participants

Creative thinking is very important to nurture in our children as living in this complex world requires new ways of thinking and problem solving. Through hands-on Lego projects that parents will do in this workshop, we’ll explore the conditions for nurturing creativity in a child and how parents can go about it at home.

About the Parenting Workshops Facilitator - Gayathri Tirthapura

Gayathri's core interests lie in finding appropriate environments and methods to engage children in joyful learning, based on research in psychology, neuroscience and education. 
She started her career in the software industry where she spent 10 years building and managing products and teams both in India and US. The birth of her daughter in 2003 inspired her to make a career shift to the field of education. She has worked with many educational organizations both in India and US, teaching children and helping organizations with their organizational/program development needs. She holds a Master of Education degree from Harvard University, USA, and a Master of Science degree from Stanford University, USA. 

She founded Parent Musings in 2012. Parent Musings is dedicated to helping parents help their children learn better and lead happy lives. Kutoohala is an initiative of Parent Musings. Gayathri is also a Co-Founder and Trustee at Tejasvita Trust which seeks to nurture children and talent in underserved low-income communities.

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Kutoohala, an awesome place for the curious minds

Since the time my son, who is 5 years old, has become a member, mostly once in a week visit to this place has become a joyful time. We both look forward to go and explore the unending list of books available in the library. The team is wonderful to go and talk to.

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