About Kutoohala

Kutoohala - A Space for Curious Minds is an initiative of Parent Musings.
Kutoohala is a parent and child experience centre. It is a place to connect, bond and to discover the joy of a new thought, a new idea in yourself and your child.. It is a space with an exclusive children’s books and toy store (for ages 0 - 10 yrs), a children's library (for ages 0 - 10 years), parent workshops and parenting resources, book reading and storytelling sessions, science, visual arts, theatre, creative writing workshops and much more..
Parent Musings is an organization headquartered in Bangalore, India, which is dedicated to helping parents help their children learn better and lead happy lives. We mainly work with parents of children ages zero to ten.

Following is what we offer at Kutoohala.

Children's Books and Toys Shop:
It is scientific knowledge that the first ten years of childhood is critical for success in the later years including adult life. Investment in the best toys and books available is important during these early years.
Kutoohala curates and sells children's books and toys that meet the social, emotional, physical and cognitive developmental needs of children. We have developed a rigorous criteria to identify the best children's books and toys available among publishers and manufacturers, that nurtures creativity, social and emotional development, problem-solving and a host of other skills. We offer these books for sale online, at our store in Basavangudi, Bangalore and at exhibitions at various schools and organizations. An unique feature of our store is that we sell both new and gently-used children's books.

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Events and Workshops for Parents and Children
We seek to engage with parents who are willing to critically inquire into issues related to children's learning.
Our parent workshops explore the physical, social, emotional and cognitive environments at home and at school that promote effective learning. In these workshops, we'll find out what we can do as parents to nurture creativity, thinking, problem-solving and a host of other skills in our children. In these workshops, also discover how learning can be made enjoyable and how a child’s mind evolves to develop habits of perseverance.

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At Kutoohala, we also conduct events and workshops for children that meet their developmental and learning needs. Be it art workshops or book-reading/story-telling sessions or a science workshop, these events have the following main objectives:
- An opportunity for parent and child to bond over meaningful activities
- Nurture creativity, thinking skills and attention-span among children
- Show case good teaching methodologies that also seek to make learning fun for children.
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Library for children 0 - 10 years and their parents
While Kutoohala is carving an unique space for itself in the retail sales of children's books and toys, we also believe in working with the parents and children in the local communities. Keeping in mind that high quality read-aloud picture books and early reader books for young children written by authors who understand children's needs, can increase love for learning in children, we have started a children's library in Jan 2015. As with our book shop, we carefully curate books that go into our library too.

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Parenting Resources:
We constantly write content for parents that we think would be useful for their children's development and learning. We also curate content that is available on the internet, for parents.

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Contact Us:
If you have any questions or queries about our organization, please contact us at the following addresses:
Email: kutoohala@gmail.com
Phone: 9611119478