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About Parent Workshops

  1. Who can attend these workshops?
  2. What are the workshops about?
  3. How are these workshops beneficial to parents?
  4. Where will these workshops be conducted?
  5. Who must one contact for more information about these workshops?

Who can attend these workshops?

These workshops are designed for parents of children 0 - 12 years old and would-be parents. Please check each workshop announcement specifically for the specific age group that it applies to.

What are the workshops about?

Our parent workshops explore the physical, social, emotional and cognitive environments at home and at school that promote effective learning. We will find out what we can do as parents to nurture creativity, thinking and problem-solving skills in our children.
We will discover how learning can be made enjoyable and how a child’s mind evolves to develop habits of perseverance. Through discussions and activities specifically designed for parents, we will learn in a judgement-free atmosphere that encourages questioning oneself and others.

Following are a few sample topics that our workshops are based on:
1. Nurturing the love for reading among children
2. Children and TV Watching
3. Nurturing creativity in children
4. Developing a trusting relationship with children


How are these workshops beneficial to parents?

The past several decades have seen a boom in scientific research on child development, psychology, neuroscience and education. The content of these workshops is based on such scientific evidence. Parents would benefit immensely knowing about how their parenting practices at home compare with what research says.

These workshops are intended to be interactive. The audience would be required to get involved in activities, discussions and problem solving. These will be based on real-life case scenarios and also on the challenges that the participants face on a daily basis. Hence participants would be able to discuss their issues with other parents in a judgement-free environment

In addition, the workshop facilitators are parents and trained educators who have overseen children’s learning in environments that stimulate the whole development of a child. The content draws elements from their experiences in formal, informal, school, home and other settings.

Where will these workshops be conducted?

Based on requests, we'll conduct the workshops at

  • Schools
  • Apartment complexes
  • Corporates

We'll need a minimum of 10 registrants and a maximum of 15 registrants for each workshop session. Please contact us directly for the charges.

Periodically we'll also announce workshop sessions at locations that we've arranged in different parts of Bangalore. To keep yourself posted regarding the upcoming workshops, please subscribe to our E-Zine by visiting: E-Zine Subscription Page

Who do I contact for more information about these workshops?

For more information about these workshops, please contact


or Kutoohala @ 9611119478

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