Sahyadri Adventure: Koleshwar's Secret - Paperback

Sahyadri Adventure: Koleshwar's Secret - Paperback

Name of Author and Illustrator

Deepak Dalal

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Book Description

Searching for the remnants of Mumbai’s Fort is a futile exercise, for not a wall or battlement of the edifice survives today. But waking from his dream, Anirudh inexplicably knows of every gate, contour and detail of the vanished fort. Fascinated by Anirudh’s revelations, Vikram explores Mumbai with him. Far out in the Sahyadri, rises a mountain known as Koleshwar. Striving to make sense of his dream, Anirudh stumbles upon a forgotten legacy that leads to the mountain. Buried on its ancient slopes is a secret that only he has the power to decode. Along with Anirudh Vikram, Aditya and Chitra are sucked into an adventure that traverses from Mumbai to its neighboring mountain range, the Sahyadri.



Suggested Age

10 years and up


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Type of Library Book

Fluent Reader Book

Early Reader Level