Neighbourhoods 2 -The Fifth Lane

Neighbourhoods 2 -The Fifth Lane

Name of Author and Illustrator

Madhuri Purandare

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Book Description

Not all of Ketaki’s neighbours are her best friends. Some don’t live in ‘Chandrasadan’. They are scattered all over the fifth lane, but still they are her neighbours. Ketaki is very fond of some of them and others, she just knows them. The fifth lane is a nice little place to be.

‘Chandrasadan’ is now like a house from a fairy tale! It is full of laughter and play. Even grannie has stopped grumbling about the old times. Because ‘Everything is nice, if we make it nice. Old and even new!’...

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Feelings and Emotions
People and Relationships

Suggested age

7 years and up



Type of Book

Picture Book


Jyotsna Prakashan

Book Series


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