Animal Behavior Usborne Science and Nature - Paperback

Animal Behavior Usborne Science and Nature - Paperback

Name of Author and Illustrator

C. Stockley

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Book Description

The Usborne Science and Nature series takes a close look at the natural world from a scientific angle, presenting many aspects of animal, plant and human life in an informative and interesting way. Each book explains the principles of its subject using clear, concise text, supported by a wealth of realistic and diagrammatic illustrations. There are also stimulating ideas for practical activities and projects.

Animal Behavior is an exciting and lively introduction to a fascinating subject and will appeal to anyone who has ever wondered why birds sing, how bees communicate, or how animals find their way on long migration routes. Using hundreds of examples, drawn from all over the world, this beautiful illustrated book outlines the different ways in which animals learn and explains their many and varied types of behavior through topics such as aggression, navigation and co-operation.



Suggested Age

10 years and up



Type of Library Book

Read Aloud Picture Book
Fluent Reader Book

Early Reader Level