Ayesha and the Firefish - Paperback

Ayesha and the Firefish - Paperback

Name of Author and Illustrator

Ajay Chowdhury

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Book Description

‘Ayesha thought for a bit. Her parents had told her never to talk to strangers. But they hadn’t mentioned anything about strange dolphins.’

Ten-year-old Ayesha has everything an adventurer needs—courage, cleverness, creativity, and a complete lack of caution. But even Ayesha has to admit that the mission Shekina (the Queen of the Seas, no less) has charged her with may be slightly out of her league.

After all, it does involve saving the world. Of course.

And it’s not like she has a fire-breathing dragon or a super-smart android as a sidekick. Try a snarky surfboarding snail instead.

Join Ayesha as she jumps headlong into an extra-extraordinary adventure that takes her halfway across the world (and a little beyond).



Suggested Age

9 years and up



Type of Library Book

Fluent Reader Book

Early Reader Level