A Flag, A Song And A Pinch Of Salt - Paperback

A Flag, A Song And A Pinch Of Salt - Paperback

Name of Author and Illustrator

Subhadra Sen Gupta

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Book Description

A poet who led a protest march, a revolutionary who became a saint, a man who walked for weeks to make salt"read the amazing stories of the great men and women who inspired generations, united a nation and led its people to freedom. Police batons, prison sentences or the hangman's noose"nothing could stop them. They stood up against the biggest colonial empire in the world and all they had was their courage and passion for freedom. They were the builders of independent India, the strategists of democracy, the soldiers of liberty. They were an extraordinary band of lawyers, poets, businessmen, teachers and philosophers who became the founders of a free, democratic and modern India. This volume brings together the extraordinary lives of freedom fighters from Mahatma Gandhi to Birsa Munda, Sarojini Naidu to Bhagat Singh, Aurobindo Ghose to Subhas Chandra Bose"life stories that recount little-told events, capture their personalities and remind us of their role in our nationalist movement. Relive the exciting story of our struggle for freedom through the lives of our greatest freedom fighters as they carried the defiantly fluttering tricolour towards a dream called India.



Suggested Age

10 years and up



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Fluent Reader Book

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