The Mystery of the Silk Umbrella - Paperback

The Mystery of the Silk Umbrella - Paperback

Name of Author and Illustrator

Asha Nehemiah

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Book Description

When Arjun and Divya’s mother rents a gorgeous silk umbrella for the film she is directing little do they know what mayhem and mystery it is going to bring into their lives. Joining forces with the intelligent and efficient Malli the kids find themselves involved in a series of adventures as they help their aunt recover something invaluable that has been stolen from her. A host of characters add to the confusion and excitement, from the fat and bumbling thief, Dr Bambaram Jones, to the rich and mysterious businessman, T. Satyavan and the hardened criminal Kharabi. A funny, entertaining and exciting mystery by the bestselling author, Asha Nehemiah.



Suggested Age

10 years and up



Type of Library Book

Fluent Reader Book

Early Reader Level