Library Member Policies

In order to be able to serve all our patrons well, we request all our members to comply to the following rules

1. All our books are handpicked and hard to find. We encourage parents and children to visit our library frequently and exchange books, for the benefit of their children.
2. Bringing the library ID card to the library every time is mandatory.
3. If for any reason, you lose the library card, please inform us as soon as you lose the card. A fee of Rs.100/- will be charged to replace the card.
4. Please handle books with utmost care as children’s books are precious.
5. Badly damaged and lost books will have to be replaced with a new book or by payment of the amount equivalent to the cost of the book. Kutoohala reserves the right to cancel the membership, if the member refuses to pay the amount equivalent to the cost of the book. If Kutoohala decides to cancel the membership, an amount equivalent to the cost of the books not returned will be deducted from the Refundable Deposit, and rest of the money will be returned to the customer.
6. Memberships can be cancelled only after the expiry of membership plan. If the member wishes to cancel before the expiry date, then only the refundable deposit amount will be returned but not the reading fees. Before cancelling the membership please return the books within 1 week after the expiry date. If the books are not returned within 1 week after expiry, the member is liable for reading fees.
7. If you wish to change the membership plan, you can do so only after the current membership plan expires. At that point you are due to pay or get a refund on the difference in the refundable deposit between the current and the previous membership plans.
8. If the member wishes to take a break from the library, we have an option to freeze the account for as many numbers of months that they need the break. Before freezing the account they should return all the books, which they have borrowed from the library within 1 week of expiry date of the membership and should also fill the form for freezing the account. The refundable deposit amount will stay us while the account is frozen.
9. If the customer wishes to unfreeze the account, they can fill up the form to unfreeze the account and renew their account by paying the membership renewal charges according to their plan and can start borrowing books.
10. If more than 3 months have passed since membership expiry and books haven’t been returned, we will close the membership and refundable deposit amount will be transferred to Kutoohala account.
11. Since the Kutoohala space has both a bookstore and a library, please be careful not to mix library books and books at the store
12. All food and beverages are prohibited inside the library and store.
13. Members may not bring children who are ill into the library. This is so that other children who are inside the library are not affected by the illness as much as possible.
14. Please put toys away when you have finished using them.
15. The complete library catalog can be viewed online at
16. Kutoohala reserves the right to change the library rules at any time and inform the members about it.