What some parents say about our workshops and events

What Parents and Children Say About Kutoohala

"I'm bowled over by the books purchased from your site"

I just got back home from my unexpected long vacation today and am totally bowled over by the books purchased from your site. Love all the books so so much!! I really appreciate the huge collection of books from really good publishers. I am happy to see great books from Indian authors too. The used books are super duper good, as good as new!! Kudos to your team for putting together a diverse selection. Looking forward to more reading

Katha Dice makes children think on the spot.

We have used the Katha dice and found it to be a very useful aid in developing imagination. It makes the children think on the spot - it helps build creativity, memory and is a wonderful way for children to bond with each other or parents and children to play together.

- Ameen Haque, Founder of Storywallahs

The images on the Katha Dice will assist children to convey their thoughts and feelings while encouraging story telling

Katha dice is a versatile tool for encouraging and supporting the development of imaginative and creative play within children and adults .They can be used indoors or outdoors during many play experiences. The images on the dice will assist children to convey their thoughts and feelings while encouraging story telling, problem solving and building vocabulary and improving their listening, communication and social skills.

- Nupur Aggarwal, The Storywallahs

"Let's live here at Kutoohala"

This is what a little 8 year old boy had to say to his friend, another little boy at Kutoohala today -"Hey, lets live here at Kutoohala. We have everything that we need - books to read, toys to play with and a toilet to take care of our basic needs . And once in two weeks there are fun science classes here that we can attend. And there are no exams and tests to worry about here." :):):)

I can now help my child understand the connection between abstract concepts through concrete materials

"I can now help my child understand the connection between abstract concepts through concrete materials. Would be great if more follow-ups in the form of further workshops are conducted."

Very impressed with the books collection and the wonderful categorisation

Dear Kutoohala,
A friend from Hyderabad ordered some books from Kutoohala on my recommendation. She was very impressed by the collection and the wonderful categorization of the books theme wise, age wise etc. She also loved the personal touch when the book she had ordered wasn't available in stock but an alternative was suggested and sent. Very happy to share this with you!! Keep up the fantastic work you are doing!

I'm quite sure my child will now find maths amazingly interesting

"I have got many ideas now and I am quite sure my child will not consider maths boring but amazingly interesting."

More aware of my shortcomings and the magic in my child

I think I am now aware of my short comings and more aware of the magic in my child.

There is so much gained from this workshop that I end up asking for more

"It’s a miracle there is so much gained [from this workshop] that I end up asking for more. If we work as a family there is nothing that remains unsolved. Now it is 'My child and us'"

A totally different perspective

"A totally different perspective on child parenting techniques in a positive manner"

I've gained more self-awareness and patience"

"I've gained more self awareness, more patience & child has shown changes as well"

Gave him an understanding of how to use puppets in stories

"My child has been always inclined to puppets, so it gave him an understanding on how you can use them in stories."

Built confidence and self-esteem

"Confidence and self-esteem with lot of communication skills with the time he spent here @Kutoohala."

Got me to re-think the fundamentals

"Got me to re-think the fundamentals. Will help me choose a good school for the education of my child"

Will help me to use it for my child's development

"Obtained fundamental understanding what Montessori is about. Helps me to think about how to use it for my child’s development."

Standstill attitude towards education really made me think

To be very honest, I really cherish the time I spent in the parent workshops but at the same time those were the times I went through a lot of moments filled with dilemma, confusion and uncertainty. But I realised only later it was worth going through such time!
[Gayathri's] standstill attitude towards education, firm approach towards the conventional schools really made me think !
oh, I can go on and on...........

These classes taught us a new and amusing way to bond between parent and child

"These classes taught us a new and amusing way to bond between parent and child. It was exciting and gave us a good dose of physical activity."

My daughter waits eagerly for every class

"My daughter waits eagerly for every class. She enjoys dancing and this class has helped me understand what kind of songs and dance she likes."

The person who conducts this class is very inspiring

"The person who conducts is very inspiring and motivates the child to involve without pressure."

Initiate reading to the child early

"As a voracious reader, the one desire I harboured for my child was that he should grow up to be a reader and discover this beautiful world for himself. The thought I had in mind was once he is around 3 to 4 years old I would read to him comics and story books. Around this time i heard of the workshop ‘how to help my child develop the habit of reading’ conducted by Parent Musings. Attending this workshop provided me a completely new perspective on reading to a child. The most important facts...