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What kind of help can I expect for my child at a remedial education center?

The below videos show special educators working with children with Learning Difficulties(LD) at Brindavan Education Trust, an organization that is dedicated to supporting children with LD and raising awareness among teachers and parents about the needs of LD children.Viewing these videos will give one an idea about the remedial techniques and strategies that special educators use.

Early Intervention...

Three Core Concepts in Early Childhood Development

The three part video series from the Center for Developing Child at Harvard University depicts how advances in neuroscience, molecular biology, and genomics now give us a much better understanding of how early experiences are built into our bodies and brains, for better or for worse. Healthy development in the early years provides the building blocks for educational achievement, economic productivity,...

What is Whole Child Education?

At an young age, Malathi knew that she wanted to be a teacher. But little did she know what a difference she would make. As the founder of Vikasana, Malathi has worked tirelessly, for the past 30 years, on the education of the 'whole' child. Vikasana primarily serves under privileged children in Bengaluru. Its alumni, many of whom are first generation college graduates, are currently living...

Where do I start if my child seems to have learning or developmental difficulties

For parents who are faced with the possibility of their child having a developmental/learning difficulty, navigating the complex set of services and resources that are available in India today can be overwhelming to say the least. In this interview, Bharati Srinivasan and Vijayalakshmi Sampath, both special educators in Bangalore, offer advice and information about resources/services available to parents and...

How do we teach basics of math to a child?

Written by the Content Team at Parent Musings

Toddlers begin to form ideas about maths, through everyday experiences and more importantly through interactions with adults. As the child’s first teacher a parent can start teaching the basics of math in a fun and engaging way. Some people teach excessive rote counting from one to twenty at an early...

What are the Negative Impacts of Television on Children?

Author: Gayathri Tirthapura

When I was growing up in India during the 1970s and 1980s, television was just being introduced to the masses in the country. The one and only TV channel back then, Doordarshan, hardly ran any programs for children. During my spare time I found...

How do we engage a child while reading aloud a book to him/her ?

By Karuna Jaithirtha for Parent Musings

Parents who read aloud books to their children, are the little ones’ first contact with the wonderful world of stories. Parents breathe life into books and transform them into animate living creatures for their children. Many simply read very clearly, playfully and affectionately and of course quite persistently to their children till the magic of words string...

How and Why should I help my child develop healthy eating habits?

Parents and many children too are well aware of the fact that junk food is not healthy and yet we find most children eating a lot of junk food. Is junk food only impacting a child’s health or is there more it to it than meets the eye? In spite of the obvious impact on health, why are most parents incapable of stopping their child from eating junk? We, at Parent Musings met up with Deepa Prakash,...

How can I help my child fall in love with reading?

Read to me
by Jane Yolen

Read to me riddles and read to me rhymes
Read to me stories of magical times
Read to me tales about castles and kings
Read to me stories of fabulous things
Read to me pirates and read to me knights
Read to me dragons and dragon-...

How do I choose high quality picture books for my children?

Authors: Gayathri Tirthapura and Shubda Garani

Have you recently picked up a children’s book and paid attention to it? Have you  looked at the choice of words, imagined the story setting and spent time on the illustrations? It can transport even you, an adult, into a magical world. In that world, all you need is...

Why is arts important in the life of children with learning difficulties

Author: Jayashree Rajanahally, Special Educator at Brindavan Trust

A Kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they drew. She would occasionally walk around to see each child's work. As she got to one little girl who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was? The girl replied, "I'm drawing God." The teacher paused and said, "But no one knows what God looks like."...

How can we keep the child's natural curiosity alive?

Written by the Content Team at Parent Musings

Legend has it that Archimedes, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, was lying in the bath one day pondering over a commission set to him by King Hiero - to find out whether his crown was made of pure gold, without melting it down. As he mulled over the problem, he observed that the more his body...

John Holt on children's learning

John Holt, an exemplary teacher and the author of ten influential books on education was a passionate advocate for children. He believed that children learn at their own pace and there was no way that one could speed them up without doing them damage. He also believed that children are born scientists. They perform all steps in their everyday...

What kind of art activities should we engage young children in and why?

Written by the Content Team at Parent Musings

Almost all children instinctively enjoy art. There is a quality of total absorption with which a child engages in exploring colours, designs and techniques.


How and Why should I get my child involved in music and movement activities?

We caught up with Sushma Madhusudan who is a dancer and an educator to know more about how children benefit through music and movement activities. Below is the interview which is a must read for every parent. What she says will trigger some of the most insightful thoughts in your mind.

1. How are music and movement activities same or different from classical or other forms of dance activities?

Many learners are...