The Girl Who Hated Books

The Girl Who Hated Books

Name of Author and Illustrator

Manjusha Pawagi, Leanne Franson

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Book Description

In Meena's house, there are books everywhere. There are books in dressers and drawers and desks, in closets and cupboards and chests. There are books on the sofa, and even books on the stairs. The problem is, Meena hates all of them, as does her cat Max, who has to climb over them. One day, Meena tries to rescue Max and the books come crashing down, freeing a wonderland of characters and animals who take Meena on a fanciful and funny romp through the magic of reading. To her parents' delight, Meena finally sees what an amazing thing a book can be.

ISBN Number



Language Arts
People and Relationships

Suggested age

4 years and up



Type of Book

Picture Book


Jyotsna Prakashan

Book Series


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