Rishi and the Karmic Cat

Rishi and the Karmic Cat

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Nandini Bajpai

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It was an ordinary day until Rishi and Karishma's fat orange tomcat, Kesar, declared he was Acharya Vidyasagar, master of an ancient order…

Rishi and Karishma are living a routine life in the US with nothing more exciting to deal with than middle school—until their cat starts talking. He reveals that they need to find the Jiva Sutra—the ancient Book of Life—before it falls into evil hands. Could they really be the chosen ones entrusted centuries ago with the book, born again to restore it for the benefit of all beings? Will the lizard-born Hiramani, an enemy from that past life, seize it before them and use its powerful life force for his own nefarious ends?

Teaming up with a host of wild creatures and the world’s oldest trees, Rishi and Karishma set off on a dangerous quest that takes them from America to India and Tibet. From the ruins of an ancient university in Nalanda, to the forests of Gir, and the Temple of the Saffron Cats in Tibet, the brother and sister must battle the evil Hiramani in their bid to save the Jiva Sutra and restore balance to the earth.

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Animals and Birds
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10 years and up



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Contemporary Fiction


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