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Jus Story

Jus Story

Name of Author and Illustrator

Paul Zacharia, Asma Menon

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Book Description

For Ju, old is gold. Her mother brings her hand-me-downs from the homes in which she works and Ju welcomes them like new friends.

She especially loves the well-used textbooks and the treasures sometimes hidden among their pages: pressed flowers, poems, even a dead butterfly...Then one day Ju discovers a sealed envelope in the maths book. It has a stamp but no address.

Ju’s Story is part of 'Different Tales', a project undertaken by Anveshi Research Centre for Women's Studies, Hyderabad, to present stories about life-worlds seldom reflected in children’s books. In the hands of a sensitive writer like Paul Zacharia, the story of a simple discovery that Ju makes becomes a moving experience. Asma Menon’s strong, painterly illustrations suggest a sense of empowerment.

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Clothing and Accessories
Feelings and Emotions
People and Relationships

Suggested age

6 years and up



Type of Book

Picture Book


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