Birds from my Window and the Antics they get up to

Birds from my Window and the Antics they get up to

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Ranjit Lal

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Book Description

The clownish Coppersmith Barbet started him off on a lifelong passion for birds ... and Ranjit Lal has never
looked back since.

In this book, full of quirky, witty, rib-tickling anecdotes you will meet:

The Brahminy Myna who when in love sings like a vagabond minstrel serenading an unattainable princess ...

The Magpie Robin or Mad Mozart that will sing sweetly in the morning and lose its voice in the evening ...

The Grey Partridge that can go off right under your feet like a crazy bird bomb and give you the fright of your life ...

... and many, many more birds, each with their own personalities, habits and little idiosyncrasies.

This book will be treasured by the seasoned bird watcher and the uninitiated alike, and deeply delight Ranjit Lal’s many fans.

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Animals and Birds
People and Relationships

Suggested age

10 years and up


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