The Thingamabob - Boardbook

The Thingamabob - Boardbook

Name of Author and Illustrator

Il Sung Na

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Book Description

One day, he found the thingamabob.

He had no idea what it was or where it came from. . . .

So begins the story of a curious elephant and a mysterious red object. But what is it?! When none of his friends can tell him, the little elephant decides to experiment. He thinks: Maybe I can fly with it? (Maybe not.) Maybe I can sail in it? (Maybe not.) Maybe I can hide behind it? (Maybe not.) Nothing seems to work, until big drops of rain begin to fall. The little elephant does not want to get wet. Luckily, with the thingamabob (an umbrella), he does not need to get wet!



Suggested Age

18 months and up



Type of Library Book

Board Book
Read Aloud Picture Book

Early Reader Level