Book Of Magic - Hardcover

Book Of Magic - Hardcover

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Book of Magic contains are than 50 easy-to-master tricks, for adults and children alike. Written by a professional magician, this book reveals the secrets behind magic stunts, from classic card tricks to disappearing coins, from Houdini-style escapes to the latest wizardry using mobile phones.
Each tricks is clearly explained, with step by step photographs and easy to follow instructions showing you how to perform and astound your audience. There are also variations to some of the repeat a trick, so when asked to repeat a trick, you can demonstrate something slightly different and avoid detection. Learn the correct methods used by the professionals, as well as subtle tricks of the trade, such as what to wear and how to distract your audience.
Many of the tricks use household objects and require little or no preparations, so you can produce your magic at any time. Others require a few props, such as a magic wand, which you can easily make yourself.
With this book, you can become the star of the show and leave your audience dazed and amazed, and asking “Just how did you do that?”



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10 years and up


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Children's Activity Book

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