Library New Member Registration for Home Delivery Customers

This registration and payment form is for customers who would like to buy a Kutoohala library membership for home delivery.

If the primary reader is the child, then please take membership in the child's name


Please note that currently, home delivery of books can be done only in Bangalore. Enter the correct postal address so that there are no issues with shipping the books to your home

If the member is a minor child, then it is very important that you enter the name and contact details of the father and the mother. Thank you.


I understand that the payment amount for my membership plan is split between the registration fee, refundable deposit, monthly rental and home delivery charges as described in this link How Kutoohala library membership works.
I agree to regularly pay the membership fee unless I temporarily freeze the account or cancel my membership. I understand that if this doesn't happen, the membership can be cancelled and the refundable deposit can be kept as a penalty by Kutoohala.
I have read the library rules and policies as described here Library member rules and policies and agree to follow them.